About Reliable Sprinkler

Reliable was founded in 1920 by Frank J. Fee, a mechanical contractor who began manufacturing sprinklers when he had trouble securing them for his own jobs. Frank J. Fee, Jr., succeeded his father as company President in 1945, and his son, Frank J. Fee III, served as President from 1976 through 2015. In July 2015, Kevin T. Fee was named President. This puts Reliable today in its third generation of Fee family leadership. As part of senior management with Frank J. Fee III are his two brothers, Kevin T. Fee, President, and Michael R. Fee, Executive Vice President. The family-run company also has many employees who have served in excess of 25 years, enhancing its team-family tradition.

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of fire protection products. Reliable manufactures the highest quality and most innovative fire sprinklers, valves and special systems on the market; distributes a full line of best in class system components; and backs it up with premier customer service. Reliable’s corporate headquarters is located in Elmsford, NY; manufacturing plant in Liberty, SC, and regional sales and distribution centers throughout the US and across the world.

In the sprinkler area Reliable produces both of the industry’s two basic types – the solder type and the frangible bulb – for virtually every type of building applications. Reliable also produces a broad range of valves including alarm, dry, deluge, preaction, and check valve that control water flow to sprinkler systems and actuate alarm signaling.


Product Range

Product Range of Reliable Sprinkler


The sprinklers of Reliable Sprinklers are done with the highest quality to ensure your fire protection needs, with ease of installation and regulatory in mind.


The Reliable range of fire sprinkler control valves has proven on site performance and their ease of installation ensures they remain a popular choice with fire sprinkler installers.

System Components

Besides supplying individual component such as valves and sprinklers, we also carry one stop solution for fire protection for need, whether it be Commercial, and Residential needs.

Flexible Sprinkler Hose

RASCOFLEX from Reliable is a flexible sprinkler hose which sets new standards for simplicity. The innovative design of RASCOFLEX easily positions the sprinkler in the centre of the ceiling tile at the correct height to significantly reduce installation times.